How Close will this Asteroid Approach in November 9 2011?

Who Knows if this Asteroid really is anything to be concerned about.  There are some that think an asteroid impact is inevitable sometime in the future.  Keep your Eye out for November 8th and 9th for any falling debris.

Then again many people think something could happen in 2011 with the solar system.  There seems to be no end to watching the sky’s for falling objects…

Will YU55 Come near Planet Earth November 9th 2011?


Did Comet Elenin originate sometime before its discovery in December of 2010 or is that all Scientist Know?

Ok I think there are some pretty wacky opinons of Comet Elenin spreading around out in the public.  Originally this story started as a comet being discovered that was on course to possibly impact the earth late in 2011?  I guess on October 16th at Comet Elenin’s closest point of approach we will know what really this thing is.

For a while people where talking about Comet Elinin being much larger then a comet and possibly even a Red Dwarf Star.  This kinda could make sense if it’s gravitational pull was so large it could even cuase earthquakes form millions of miles away.

Then some people started drawing the Conclusion it was planet x, or Nibiru rediscovered and headed for planet earth this October.  Now there are people claiming that this enormous mass floating towards planet earth is not a comet planet, or even a Red Dwarf star, but it is a bunch of little alien space Craft?

Does that mean this giant space craft is shooting little lasers at our planet to cause earthquakes form gravitational pulls?  I wouldn’t believe everything you read about this coming comet.

What is the History of Comet Elenin and how will it impact earth?

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So Just what is Niburu, Planet X, or Comet Elenin and how does it impact Earth?

There are many theories as to what could happen in the year 2012 on planet earth.  The debate is just how much effect will the planet have on planet earth.  Some theories range from the event will only be visible from satellites; however, some theories claim it could end be the End of the World.

With the recent discovery of Comet Elenin, there are some that claim comet Elenin is really the rediscover of the forgotten Niburu. If this Meteorite doesn’t orbit in the same plane as our planet, there is not much to fear.

Just how much Will Planet X or Nibiru impact the Earth in 2012?



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