Could an Asteroid Collision be averted by NASA?

The Intro is a little Long, but some interesting thoughts are provoked by watching this video.  How much money should NASA spend on trying to avoid Comet and Asteroid Collisions with earth.  Could NASA actually even avert an eminent Collision with flying space Debris?

When will  the Next Comet Barely miss Earth?

How Close will this Asteroid Approach in November 9 2011?

Who Knows if this Asteroid really is anything to be concerned about.  There are some that think an asteroid impact is inevitable sometime in the future.  Keep your Eye out for November 8th and 9th for any falling debris.

Then again many people think something could happen in 2011 with the solar system.  There seems to be no end to watching the sky’s for falling objects…

Will YU55 Come near Planet Earth November 9th 2011?


Large Comet yu55 is Approaching Earth in October and November

This video seems a little over hyped and some points for surely wrong.  Comet Elenin has come and gone, but there are other asteroids floating around space that could sill cause problems.  Comet Elenin could possibly have a tail of debris that could effect Earth.

Comet YU55 is suppose to make an approach to earth closer then the Moon.  That is a near miss in space terms for sure.

Should we watch for YU55

The Asteroid Nearly Missed Planet Earth This morning June 27th, 2011

Asteroids and meteorites are seemingly always flying by our planet.  There is much evidence they have impacted the planet in the past, so one could assume that it is only a matter of time until a new asteroid could find it’s permanent home on our planet.

ASteroid Near Miss June 27th, 2011

Asteroid Nearly Misses Earth June 27th, 2011

An asteroid headed for earth just barely missed our planet.  this asteroid was a near miss in space terms, considering it passed just a fraction of a the distance between the earth and the Moon.  Many asteroids that nearly miss the earth are not discovered until after they miss the planet.

Asteroid Near Miss Early Monday Morning in June

“A newly-discovered asteroid estimated about 30 feet in size and named “2011 MD” will pass by the Earth over the south Atlantic around 1 p.m. EDT today missing a direct hit by only 7500 miles. In the vastness of space of the inner the solar system, this is considered a really close call – less than about 3% of the distance between Earth and the moon and visible even with a small telescope. An even closer encounter occurred earlier this year when another small asteroid missed the earth by just 3400 miles.”

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Will an Asteroid Hit Earth Next Time

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