Food Shortage in 2012 is it possible?

There is a lot of hype around the topic of Food shortages because of the year we are living in 2012.  There are tons of doomsday predictions that usually are pretty nutty, but sometimes seem a bit interesting.

This is leading to what some see as fear mongering people into a mass panic.  So is there really anything to worry about or are these just the feeble minded people falling into these traps?

Why would there be a food shortage in 2012?

Presentation for Food Shortage – click here

I couldn’t find much reason for concern when I first heard of the idea a few years ago.  I have neighbors that had cellars piled with 6 months of food and water and thought this was kinda kooky.

Recently my perspective changed after a hurricane hit the New England Area this last summer.  It was not a very strong hurricane, but the reaction of people was just crazy.

Did this result in a Food Shortage?

Electricity was out for many people for longer than one week.   This made the local hardware stores and even big companies like Lowes and Home Depot sell their tine generators for almost 1000$ and that was with the customers only putting their name on a waiting list for the next truck’s shipment.

The Thing that people were more likely to run out of was electricity.  This leads to water shortages for people on well water and had the hurricane been worse there might have been food shortages.

To make things worse, the house where I usually stay had a generator, but from being on for a week straight, the thing burned out.

Here are some Idea to help you be prepared for a food or water shortage in 2012.

One Response to Food Shortage 2012 – Water Shortage Response to Glenn Beck

  1. local roofers says:

    I’m really depressed over my straight crush, and lots of people are also saying the worlds gonna end in 2012 cause of food shortages, water disappearing, I’m scared. Scared that humens might die out befor eit gets better.

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