Make your Own Solar power at home Kit

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Watch this Guy Explain the Do it yourself Solar Panel Kit.

This kit seems to be interesting, I am seriously looking into it.  Maybe you should too.

Make your Own Solar Power at Home!

Is it really that Easy to Make Solar Power I thought it was expensive?

I came across this information the other day and have been thinking about it.  I am seriously considering trying to make my own solar Panels as there are several online E-books that teach you how to do it.

Energy 4 Earth seems to be the most Inclusive

The Energy 4 earth Video series complete with how to manual seems to be the easiest one to follow along with according to online reviews.  There are several other companies that teach you how to build your own solar panels but not many have instructional videos as complete as this, at least from what I have heard.

I Will let you know how the experiments go after I implement this or other energy saving strategies.  I have recently learned of an alternative fuel that is very cheap to use in your vehicle.  I have applied for permits to begin the plant process.

Build your Own Solar Panels at home seems the Easiest

What I like about the solar panel Idea is that you can build them at your house with out having to obtain permits.  It also sounds like the materials to make a solar panel are considerably less then the alternative fuel I currently am looking into manufacturing.

I will let you know how Energy4 Earth Solar Panels Howto Video’s Work out

To See the Video promo Click Here!

This Video Declares the World is Ending around April 9th, 2012

Is there anything Significant about April 9th, 2012?

I do believe the world is going to end.  I believe the Bible declares is many times.  The Lord Will return and bring judgment on all the ungodly.

If you don’t believe the World is going to end, then you cannot believe the Bible.  This Video uses many different Bible Verses which do deal with the End of the World.  The Video is Even a little scary.

The problem is I don’t know how the Video can so boldly declare the end of the World to be April 9th, 2012.  There doesn’t seem to be a shred of evidence in the video that comes up with April 9th as being Judgement Day.

It is good to be ready for the Lord to appear at any minute, but it’s not good to state an exact date.

What if the Lord Doesn’t come on April 9, 2012?

This will raise more skeptics amongst those that hear this message.  Also is will damage the faith of those new to the Gospel.  Look at one persons comments dealing with this video.

“Jesus please help me. I believe in you with all my hearth and I don’t doubt any of the things that you said, but all these dates people keep putting confuse me. I believed may 21 was the day, with amazing biblical proof presented by man, I was deceived. Please help me God and show me the way. Whenever your day is Lord, please accept me in your Kingdom and forgive all my sins. Thank you Lord, I love you.”


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