This NASA Scientist Explains the Rumors

There are many claims the earth could end in the near future.  Planetary alignment could cause many problems some say, but this is really not possible this December.

Others believe the earths pole could shift, but this is very unlikely as the pole shift would be something more gradual instead of an overnight event.

There are many crazy Ideas floating around this December 21, 2012, and on December 22nd, 2012 there will be a bunch of new ideas how the world will end….


Mayan Apocalypse 12.21.12: Inside Doomsday Bunkers as Sales Rise Before End of the World

Sales are soaring for these doomsday preppers   There is a rise in people preparing for doomsday this coming month.  Talks are everywhere of people worried the end of the world is drawing nigh.

Many don’t beleive the Mayan Calendar, but believe the world could be in chaos because of so many panicked people causing problems.

These dooms day bunkers are to be buried deep and keep you away from many potential problems.


Schools Closed Due to Mayan Calendar Predictions

On December 20, 2012, in News, by admin

School Districts Cancel Class Due To Doomsday Talk, Potential Threats

An Ariticle On the Drudge Today talks about many schools closing early this week due to potential threats from doomsday violence.  The Schools have investigated and not found anything to be too serious of a threat, but the mindset of the students is really being inhibited from learning.

This Friday the Mayans predicted the end of the world, or so some say.  That would be if you don’t take into account leap year.


Chinese farmer builds safety capsules for Mayan doomsday

Safety Capsules for Doomsday?




Syria Thinks They Are Being Framed


CNBC: Marc Faber ‘Reduce Government by Fifty Percent Minimum’

Marc Faber is at it again with his doom and gloom message.  A little bit of hope in the mix.  He thinks the economy could keep running for another 5-10 years before any major shifts.  That would be good for America.  But the Debt must one day be repaid.

That is when the Party will stop in America.


EU ban on Iran media step towards military intervention

Iran is in the news yet again.  The world steps up sanctions placed upon Iran again.  The EU is putting a ban on the Iranian Media outlets in the EU.  Shaky times in the Middle east.

The president is denying it will intervene in the middle east until after the election.


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